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Clinical Tests

Everything you need to know about the making, testing, and safety of our masks.

Comprehensive design and functionality

Maximum control of respiratory virus transmission with our 3D Printed Montana Mask

The Montana Mask is a highly effective filtration mask developed by Make the Masks.


Fit Test Report

The Montana Mask passed all eight fit test exercises.


Respiratory Test Results

Montana Masks allow for easy breathing and talking without shortness of breath or disturbances to carbon dioxide levels, as tested by the Billings Clinic:


Sanitization Tests

We understand the concern that PLA can be porous. The Billings Clinic had the same concern, and conducted a set of tests to better understand how porosity effects the potential microbe growth levels on the mask. Their mask was made of PLA filament, created at 25% infill and .15mm layers. After a full day of usage by a local nurse in Billings, MT, they tested the following on standard agar petri dishes for a 72hr bacterial study. Their results showed that swabs taken from masks that were cleaned with bleach or sanitizing wipes resulted in no bacterial growth.

Swab of PLA mask after full day of use

Result: Standard bacteria found on the skin.

Swab of mask after cleaning with hospital grade bleach wipe

Result: No bacterial growth

Swab of mask after cleaning with sani-wipe.

Result: No bacterial growth (The highlighted portions are a reflection from the camera.)

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