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Who is organizing this effort?

Unique Software Development. We’re a Dallas, TX based software development agency that just so happens to have 123D printers for prototyping and STEM mentorship.

How did this all start?

Our team came together and discussed how we could help provide some assistance to help alleviate the current pandemic and shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). We spent the whole night going through open source designs for 3D printing respirator masks and modified them into several prototypes. #makercause was created in conjunction with the inventors of the Montana Mask and in collaboration with Make the Masks.

Are these products tested?

Although not approved by the FDA or NIOSH, the mask has been rigorously tested on various age groups with the help of the Billings Clinic.  We decided on a core design and modifications that we believe is the most effective. The level of protection is customizable, depending on which material you use for the filter. 


Will you continue to update the mask design?

Yes, and we encourage any participants to submit enhancements to so we can evaluate them and provide updates to the master branch.

Are these masks being sold?

No, this effort provides masks to organizations and individuals who are in need at no cost. Unique Software Development will be donating our time and resources in providing development, organization and distribution efforts.

Are you printing anything else?

Yes, we’re looking to begin production of Prusa Face Shields and Ventilator 4X Valves.

Can I make a mask for myself?

Yes, but we would suggest that you post-process it with a non-toxic epoxy resin or other sealant to seal any microscopic gaps.

Can I distribute masks myself?

We are trying to provide a coordinated and effective response to this pandemic from our MAKER community, so while we cannot restrict you from printing and distributing this open source design, we encourage you to work within the confinements of our plan. If you have specific organizations that you would prefer your masks to be distributed to please contact Elaina Vose at

How do I get my prints to you?

We accept packages and in-person deliveries at 4330 N Central Expy, Ste 250, Dallas, TX 75206. If delivering in-person, please contact Elaina Vose at 855.976.4873 to arrange an appointment.