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Our current areas of focus.

Rising up to COVID-19 challenges

We are positive that our response to the severe shortage of PPE will help slow down the spread of COVID-19.

We’re currently focused on producing 3D-printed respirator masks and other personal protective equipment for healthcare workers as well as underprivileged and vulnerable people across the country.

In addition to our 3D printed respirator masks and the 3D printed ventilator valves, we also plan on printing other critical medical supplies such as:

  • 3D printed test swabs
  • 3D printed oxygen PEEP masks
  • 3D printed PEEP valves

3D Printed Respirator Masks

Using the open-source design from Make the Masks, we are printing respirator masks that allow the current limited supply of surgical masks to be extended. The design allows for 6-10 filters to be cut from one surgical mask. The printed respirator masks are washable and may be used thousands of times.

The aim of this initiative is to mobilize printing services and manufacturers to make these respirator masks available as soon as possible. The 3D-printed respirator mask is antiviral, antimicrobial, reusable, and recyclable, and it is sure to tackle the shortage of N95 masks in order to facilitate the healthcare professionals.


3D Printed Ventilator Valves

Using the open-source design from Prisma Health, we will print ventilator valves that allow one ventilator to support up to four patients. This valve will allow hospitals to treat more patients at a time when the country is facing critical shortages of ventilators.

Using 3D printing technology, this device is crafted using material already in use for medical equipment and is produced at a minimal cost. Some of the advantages of this device include:

  • Allows maximum filtering of viruses and bacteria in the ventilator tubing;
  • Easy to manufacture at a minimal cost;
  • Functions well with ISO standard respiratory connections;
  • Very strong and resistant to impact;
  • Does not have any type of effect on other patients connected to the device.