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Many people need your help. Join our cause as a Maker!

Contribute your expertise and equipment.

Answer our call for Makers and help us limit exposure to COVID-19

Organizations and communities from around the globe have stepped in to produce and distribute protective gear for our caregivers.


Montana Mask


Prusa Face Shield


PPE Requests


Makers of the world, unite!

The growing global demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) has resulted in a severe shortage of protective gear for health professionals across the world. Regardless of this shortage, our healthcare heroes continue to work tirelessly, trying to treat patients suffering from the virus.

#makercause is calling out everyone who has 3D printing knowledge, equipment, and the capacity to serve our cause. Join us for the production of PPE that will be distributed to healthcare workers, senior care facilities, law enforcement, and vulnerable individuals with impaired immune systems.

Your contribution will be much appreciated for combating the critical shortage of PPE around the world.

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Have a question? Review our answers below.

How did this all start?

Our team came together and discussed how we could help alleviate the shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) our world critically needs at this time. We spent the whole night going through open source designs for 3D printing respirator masks and modified them into several prototypes. #makercause was created in conjunction with the inventors of the Montana Mask and in collaboration with Make the Masks.

Will you continue to update the mask design?

Yes, and we encourage any participants to submit enhancements to so we can evaluate them and provide updates to the master branch.

Are these masks being sold?

No, this effort provides masks to organizations and individuals who are in need at no cost and which produces no profit for Unique Software Development.  We will be donating our time at no cost in providing development, organization and distribution efforts.

Are you printing anything else?

Yes, we’re looking to begin production of Face Shields and Ventilator 4X Valves ( in the next week or so.

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