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Materials or Services Donation

Support #makercause by donating and help us make the world a safer place to live.

Your support and contribution will be greatly appreciated.

Due to the growing COVID-19 pandemic, communities and economies all around the globe are being affected. In order to curb the increasing crisis, organizations and volunteers from across the world are coming together to support the cause. 

The #MAKERCAUSE movement provides you an opportunity to help respond to the global outbreak. With your support, we will be able to increase the production and distribution of respirator masks for the healthcare workers as well as the vulnerable population.

#MAKERCAUSE is a non-profit movement, however our company is a standard LLC and therefore contributions are not tax-deductable.  However, we promise to provide our time, resources, and development free of cost and produce absolutely no profit from this initiative.

You can support #makercause by financial donation. All donations are non-tax deductible.