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Montana Mask M Size


The Montana Mask is a 3D printed medical mask design that has been tested for surgical mask and N95 replacement capacity. When used to specification, it can serve everyone from doctors and nurses to first responders and citizens.  Masks can be sanitized for re-use through bleach solutions and other approved protocols.  By utilizing 2.5″ cuts from existing N95 and surgical masks, this device allows for the safe expansion of existing PPE supplies by 3x – 6x.

Respirator facemasks are printed in a plant-based PLA plastic and are coated with a non-toxic and non-VOC epoxy resin to provide a complete membrane.  Combined with a silicone weatherstripping gasket, for both comfort and seal, the masks are currently in use at thousands of healthcare systems, police departments and fire-rescue divisions.

All masks are equipped with NinjaTek NinjaFlex elastic bands and are provided in various sizes.

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COVID-19 has created a crisis. Medical professionals are heroically serving the public without proper face masks, because they don’t have them and can’t get them.

This incredible need inspired Dr. Dusty Richardson, Dr. Spencer Zaugg and Colton Zaugg to create the Montana Mask, a 3D-printable, highly effective filtration mask that can be fitted to the provider’s face and sanitized between uses. This trio created the Montana Mask for one reason – to help.

This mask has now been shared by NIH and is being used in hospitals around the world.  The mask comes in two parts: the mask and the filter frame holder. The mask is easily formed to fit your face by heating the edges with warm water, a hair-dryer or heat gun.  Use the filter holder to add either a piece of fabric or other air filter, or, if available, a surgical or N95 mask (photos of surgical and N95 mask are for reference, not included).

*This mask does not guarantee complete safety and is currently under evaluation by both the CDC and the FDA.


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Clinical Tests

Many of our makers have brought up the concern that PLA can be porous. We had the same concern, so we conducted a set of tests to better understand how porosity effects the potential microbe growth levels on the mask. Our mask was made of PLA filament, created at 25% infill and .15mm layers. After a full day of usage by a local nurse in Billings, MT, we tested the following on standard agar petri dishes for a 72hr bacterial study.

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