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We will do our best to ensure that generous support is provided to hospitals, care facilities, and the general public.


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PPE Requests


Request Personal Protective Equipment

To coordinate our distribution of PPE, we ask that you sign up for an account before placing your request so that we can strategically allocate PPE equipment to medical facilities and the general public on the basis of our daily survey data.

Once your request has been fulfilled, we will provide delivery services to your organization via our partnerships with Alto and Pickup. Individuals and small businesses that request PPE will be able to pick up their masks from local restaurant distribution points - and we ask that you consider purchasing a meal to thank them for their participation.

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You have question. You may find the answer below.

How did this all start?

This last Tuesday our team came together for our end-of-day group-up via Microsoft Teams (since we’re all under a Stay-at-Home order) and talked about how we might be able to provide some type of help to alleviate the current pandemic and shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). We spent that whole night going through open source designs and modifying them into a several prototypes. After testing on various age groups (and thanks to the Billings Clinic @ we decided on a core design and modifications that we believe is the most effective.

Will you continue to update the mask design?

Yes, and we encourage any participants to submit enhancements to so we can evaluate them and provide updates to the master branch.

Are these masks being sold?

No, this effort provides masks to organizations and individuals who are in need at no cost and which produces no profit for Unique Software Development.  We will be donating our time at no cost in providing development, organization and distribution efforts.

Are you printing anything else?

Yes, we’re looking to begin production of Face Shields and Ventilator 4X Valves ( in the next week or so.

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